Lawyers …again

Have you ever heard of any good coming to a normal, regular person from consulting a lawyer???

I haven’t but I have heard of plenty who deeply regret ever speaking to one.

Even simple things like buying property, the days when lawyers held their lucrative monopoly are gone, its up to us to realise that and stop using them.

Sure they love to tell ‘horror stories’ about conveyancers, while conveniently omitting facts about how lawyers ruin people and get away with it.

Even lawyers sometimes have to meet the market and compete for work, so whoever you choose to engage get quotes, check them out.

If you live in a small town be very careful using anyone in that town, gossip is rampant and toxic.

I always thought lies and gossip came from people around who had nothing better to do, I now know the source of gossip and lies can be your lawyer, so if you don’t want the locals knowing about your divorce use someone from out of town.

Better still reach an agreement between yourselves and keep lawyers to an absolute minimum.  Even if you hate your former wife or husband surely its better for them (and your kids if you have them) to get the house and cash than some self-serving parasitic lawyer.


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