Good intentions….

I have started blogs before and they have disappeared into the nanosphere, this time was supposed to be different.  It has taken me 2 weeks to get back but here I am.

Easter came and went, I really object to dictated holidays.  Mind you its better than the USA I suppose where holidays seem virtually non-existent.

As usual we had preachers here demanding that easter sport, and any other activity they don’t like, is banned so we can all go to church, presumably they mean the church they believe in.

Here’s an idea Mr (and they are always ‘Mr’) Preacher you live in a secular democracy, with all the benefits that offers, so don’t abuse that.  Mind your own business.

You live your life, with your crazy delusions, and leave me to live mine, free from interference from people like you.  I don’t respect you, or your ridiculous religion, and I don’t care if you respect me and my common sense – just LEAVE ME ALONE.


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