Lawyers …again

Have you ever heard of any good coming to a normal, regular person from consulting a lawyer???

I haven’t but I have heard of plenty who deeply regret ever speaking to one.

Even simple things like buying property, the days when lawyers held their lucrative monopoly are gone, its up to us to realise that and stop using them.

Sure they love to tell ‘horror stories’ about conveyancers, while conveniently omitting facts about how lawyers ruin people and get away with it.

Even lawyers sometimes have to meet the market and compete for work, so whoever you choose to engage get quotes, check them out.

If you live in a small town be very careful using anyone in that town, gossip is rampant and toxic.

I always thought lies and gossip came from people around who had nothing better to do, I now know the source of gossip and lies can be your lawyer, so if you don’t want the locals knowing about your divorce use someone from out of town.

Better still reach an agreement between yourselves and keep lawyers to an absolute minimum.  Even if you hate your former wife or husband surely its better for them (and your kids if you have them) to get the house and cash than some self-serving parasitic lawyer.


Liars, cheats and scum …

… well who could that describe LAWYERS of course. What was I thinking, just had another of these legalised crooks screw me, the only bright side is this time it was only $500.

Luckily I realised pretty quick DB was a moron, a moron who is so arrogant and deluded he charges $350 and hour, what a joke. The really sad thing is there are suckers (yep like me) who pay him.

The reality is in this day and age if you need a lawyer you can’t afford it, unless you are a serial killer in which case you will have smug disgusting defence lawyers queuing up to be your ‘friend’.

For those of us who are honest and decent there is no possible way a lawyer can make your life better.  No matter how good your case you will be the loser, even if you win you still lose.

After I realised little DB was a bizarre moron I represented myself, not in court you have no chance there, but by persistence I got the crooks who are our local council to return $15k of my own money, they has basically stolen it by overcharging my rates for 9 years and being good ‘public servants’ they wouldn’t give it back,

If I had kept DB on the case it is highly unlikely I would have got the $15k, but even it I had DB’s bill would have been $30k, so even it you win you lose.

What a fucking filthy world we have created. Its not crime that is ruining society, sure the propagandists want you to believe that, the real harm comes from the crooks in suits who will never see the inside of a jail – unless its to visit one of their ‘friends’.

Good intentions….

I have started blogs before and they have disappeared into the nanosphere, this time was supposed to be different.  It has taken me 2 weeks to get back but here I am.

Easter came and went, I really object to dictated holidays.  Mind you its better than the USA I suppose where holidays seem virtually non-existent.

As usual we had preachers here demanding that easter sport, and any other activity they don’t like, is banned so we can all go to church, presumably they mean the church they believe in.

Here’s an idea Mr (and they are always ‘Mr’) Preacher you live in a secular democracy, with all the benefits that offers, so don’t abuse that.  Mind your own business.

You live your life, with your crazy delusions, and leave me to live mine, free from interference from people like you.  I don’t respect you, or your ridiculous religion, and I don’t care if you respect me and my common sense – just LEAVE ME ALONE.

Forgotten blogs

I suspect many of us have started blogs and forgotten about them a few days later.

My plan this time is to keep working on it, I am not expecting anyone to ever find it or read it, its just for me.

My name UK – born in England and lived there until I was 30, emigrated to New Zealand, lived there for around 20 years, moved on to Australia, been here for 9 years.

Don’t want to die here but probably will.

The rules apply to everyone……

……..but there are some of you who think they don’t.

You know who you are:

You are the people who smoke because you believe you are so special no illness would dare land on you.

You drink and drive because you believe you are so special the road is yours and you are a brilliant driver and nothing changes that.

You are the people who, when go away, the 10am check-out doesn’t apply to you because you are so special the housekeeping staff can wait until you are ready to leave.

You are the people who go into a cafe and keep talking on your phone because you are so special we all need to know about you and hear everything you have to say.

You are the people who answer your phone in the movies because you are so special and important the president might be calling and it’s all about you so the rest of the audience don’t matter.

….yes you think you are just so great but you may not be winning as much as you think.

Out of the frying pan…

One thing I observe about the British is they always think somewhere else is better ‘this country has gone to the dogs’ while people in New Zealand and Australia think they are in the ‘best country in the world’.

So be careful Brits… the grass is not always greener.

Making a start…

We all have have ideas and thoughts, most people probably have people to talk to and share ideas with, but I don’t have anyone so I figure writing them down will be better than nothing.

Its likely no one will ever see this blog but it might be useful for me to be able to review what I was thinking at times.